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Can I get divorce because my husband always suspecting my character

By: Shivendra Pratap Singh
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Question: Hello, I am from Malayali-family, formerly resided in Malad, Mumbai. My husband suspecting my character because of my pre marriage affairs. I recently got married on 17th Feb 2020 and moved with a new partner. But, soon I got stuck with him under lockdown and my life has become like a caged-reptile bonded 24×7 to the new man, whom I hardly knew 6 months prior to marriage. As soon as I got married, 2020 year has been like a storm in my life.

My natural inclination driven by my high Estrogen is to be-friend, hang-out, flirt and go on dates with multiple boys, which I enjoy the most and want to continue. But, this new man delivered a package in the form of “husband” and doesn’t like me meeting or even talking to guys. He gets suspicious even when I am talking to my office male-colleagues working at CITI, my socialite club MAD (Make-a-difference) or ex-boyfriends. I am now reduced to his ‘house-maid’. I want to get out of this bonded labor life, I cannot just stand him and want my thrilling scandalous sexy life back.

Whether the above legal-reasoning and opinions will enable me to initiate divorce? What will be the formalities and process, and charges for initiating divorce? 

Question from: Maharashtra

It appears from your question that you have no faith in a marital relationship. You have been enjoying your sexual life with so many friends and still look the same. A husband does not expect such behavior from his wife. Therefore, he has the reasonable ground for suspecting your conduct. 

Divorce from husband

You cannot file divorce case on the grounds that your husband is suspecting your character. However, pre marital affairs will not cause any harm to your marital life. You did not commit any extra marital affair after marriage. But if you want divorce you must have legal grounds. Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act provides some grounds for divorce. 

Some of the grounds are based on the guilt of the spouse. Hence, you must prove the guilt of your husband if you want divorce. Cruelty, desertion, impotency are some grounds upon which you can seek divorce. You should try to understand your husband, show respect and perform your matrimonial obligation.

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