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Can I get call details from the BSNL under RTI Act

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Can I get call details under RTI Act? I want to get call details and tower location of my BSNL mobile number to know when was my mobile misused & who was involved?

The Right to Information Act applies for access of public information. Call detail of your mobile number is not a piece of public information. Therefore, RTI will not apply in your case.

If you want to get call details, you should directly contact your mobile operator. Not necessary to file RTI application for getting that information.

BSNL is a government Corporation, so you think that you can get your call detail through the RTI. This analogy is wrong because the Right to Information Act applies only to the public information but not to the information kept by the public body.

If public information is holding by the private body like a private company, then you can ask that information through the RTI application. The whole concept and purpose of The Right to Information Act are to provide Public Information to Indian citizen for the more significant public interest.

No public interest will serve in disclosure of the information about the own mobile number consequently you cannot seek that information by the RTI.

It would be right for you to contact the concerned authority of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and take that information from him.

For getting any public information through the RTI, you can see the RTI portal of the Government of India.

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You cannot get call detail record of stranger person under the Right to Information Act. It is not a piece of public information, therefore, it is excepted under section 8 of the RTI Act. The investigating officer can obtain CDR if it may provide some relevant evidence against the accused.

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