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Boyfriend threatens to publish photographs on internet

Shivendra Pratap Singh


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Boyfriend threatens to publish photographs on internet

Boyfriend threatens to publish personal photographs on internet to keep me away from his girlfriend. I was in a relationship with someone for seven years and we broke up due to many reasons. Even after ending the relationship he wanted to keep in touch. I let him because I dint want to hurt him.

Meanwhile when we started dating other people. He has been pretending to date anybody. Slowly one thing led to another. I realized he was dating someone, and this girl was extremely insecure about me, and was stalking me. She once left a derogatory remark on Instagram account, and continued to send me friend request which I politely denied.

It was the year of 2020 that changed everything, one day my friend sends me a message saying he is going throw my stuff away. He had some stuff that I left with him back in the USA when I had decided to return to India. Later he sends me emails claiming I am abusing him on my social media by posting things against him and his girlfriend and if I were to get any closer to him or his family or his girlfriend, he would take steps legally. In the meantime, when things got manipulative, I told his mother about our relationship. I requested her to find means to return my stuff back safely. But even after everything Is over, he continues to send me harassing messages we, every three months when I hadn’t even contacted him personally since May 2020. Also exchange of money between us.

Question from USA

Section 67 IT Act 2000

When your boyfriend unveils or discloses your personal stuffs on social media, he will commit offence under Information Technology Act 2000. Section 67 of the IT Act 2000 punishes publishing or transmitting obscene materials on internet. If he is an Indian citizen then you can lodge first information report in India for the offence of stalking and publishing personal photographs on internet.

Section 354D of the Indian Penal Code makes stalking an offence. It is cognisable and non-compoundable offence. You can lodge FIR and police shall investigate the case without permission of the Magistrate. Section 67 is also a cognisable offence. You have to produce some evidence at the time of lodging FIR.

Dating a girl is not offence

Dating another girl is not an offence and you cannot stop him to do so. But, threatening for the purpose of keeping you away from their friendship is an offence. He commits offence under section 504 IPC. You said that his friend sent you derogatory remarks. If she did so on the enticement of your friend, then he will also punish for that act.

Boyfriend threatens to publish photographs on internet

Your boyfriend is cheating you. In this situation you should lodge an FIR under section 354D/ 504/500 IPC 67 IT Act. You can lodge the FIR in India however offence was committed in USA. Section 4 of the Indian Penal Code specifically enlarges territorial jurisdiction on foreign country if offence is committed by the Indian citizen.

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