Legal Services in Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Sector became extremely complex and fluctuant. Affairs in this sector should be handled with the support of expert legal advisor. We offer legal forensic services to detect fraud and risk in transactoin of property. Besides, we offer:

  • Property Registration [Fee ₹9999]
  • Mutation Services [Fee ₹ 5999]
  • Document Verification [Fee ₹4999]
  • Litigation Services [Fee ₹25999]

Corporate Services

  • Partnership Registration [Fee ₹19999]
  • Proprietorship Registration [Fee ₹19999]
  • Company Formation [Fee ₹19999]
  • SSI Registration [Fee ₹9999]
  • ISO Standard [Fee ₹9999]

Legal Services in Intellectual Property Rights

  • Trade Mark Registration [Fee ₹9999]
  • Trade Name Registration [Fee ₹7999]
  • Copy Right Registration [Fee ₹11999]
  • ISO Standard Certification [Fee ₹19999]
  • Patent Registration and Research [Fee ₹39999]
  • Intellectual Property Rights Litigation [Fee ₹99999]
  • Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement [Fee ₹29999]

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