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File a Complaint Under RERA

Our advocate will file a complaint against the builder for delay in possession, a refund of money and all matters under the RERA

Fee: ₹ 5000.00 onwards

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All kinds of legal notices will be prepared by our advocates on your behalf, like a notice under NI Act, Consumer etc.

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File a Divorce case, RCR petition, Domestic Violence Case, Judicial Separation, Maintenance, Child Custody etc.

Fee: ₹ 15000.00 onwards

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Writing legal documents like partnership deed, business agreement, rent agreement, companies documents etc.

Fee: ₹ 4999.00 onwards

Legal Advice Online

We provide legal advice online from a panel of advocates and retired judges. Our experts are very qualified and experienced in the legal sphere. Get solid legal advice online from a selected group of advocates instead of multiple advice from multiple lawyers.

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You can ask a free question to our advocates in Q & A session. This is a part of our legal advice online service. We maintain our standard, hence, our elite panel of advocate will advise your question.

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What to do when someone forcefully took signed cheque book

What to do when someone forcefully took signed cheque bookMy friend forcefully took my signed cheque book and presented nine cheques in the bank. All cheques have bounced due to insufficient fund in my saving bank account. After that, he sent a...

Wife has filed many court cases concerning the matrimonial dispute

Wife has filed many court cases concerning the matrimonial disputeMy wife has filed many court cases towards the matrimonial dispute. I have also filed a case under section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act for restitution of conjugal rights. The said...

Can I get call details from the BSNL under RTI Act

Can I get call details under RTI Act? I want to get call details and tower location of my BSNL mobile number to know when was my mobile misused & who was involved? The Right to Information Act applies for access of public information. Call...

Bank obtained my call detail record without my permission

Bank obtained my call detail record without my permission. Can Credit Card Recovery department get CDR of any person? I want to know that any recovery agent can call the other person to recover the amount by using the call details. The mobile...

I want to correct the name in Khatauni

Sir, I want to correct the name in Khatauni. The name of my father is Nasir Ahmed Khan, but only Nasir is written in the Khatauni. Therefore my father has not been getting the benefit of government schemes. How to get a correction in the land...

Husband purposely became jobless to frustrate my case

Husband purposely became jobless to frustrate my case. I filed a lawsuit in court under the protection of women from domestic violence act 2005 under sec 12,18,19,20 & 23. How I will get interim maintenance from my husband if he is purposely...

“We always believe in the quality of advice. Advice should be in detail and supported with the relevant case laws. Thorough analysis is necessary for giving quality advice. The one-liner advice never serves the purpose.”

Shivendra Pratap Singh


“I learnt a lot during my service as a Judge. It is a curse that people wander due to legal ignorance. Infusion of technology in the field of law has given them an opportunity to discuss their legal issues with a lawyer siting away.”

P C Gupta

Retired Judge


On a scale of 0-10, I would rate the consultancy provided at 10. Mr. Shivendra was extremely patient in all the discussions and proactively seeked all the details to provide appropriate guidance. Further, his advice were crisp and to the point which helped me identify clear path of action. His guidance mellowed down my anxiety and reinstated my confidence on fair trial and judiciary systemI would definetly recommend him and kanoonirai in my circle.

Vikas Kumar

Gurgaon, Haryana

I would like thank You Shivendra Pratap Singh sir, for providing simple straight forward advice and I will definitely work as per your advice and make sure that things turn into my family favour. I think everyone must have broad minded thinking rather narrow minded thinking to solve most of problems in life. Once again I would like to thank you for taking some time to guide which helped me to gain some sense how to work on problem.

Anand Prakash

Patna, Bihar

Thank you very much for proper advice. As advised, yesterday we have filed PLC before Permanent Lok Adalat in Bangalore. Further developments will be posted for kind information. I came to settle all disputes with your kind advice and support. Thanks a lot Sir.


Bangaluru, Karnataka

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